Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sunday afternoon walk

I meant to go for a real hike on Sunday, but there was this big storm, see, and it was just too terribly windy. We didn't get much rain here in Auvergne, but it was the same storm that submerged a good part of the Atlantic coast. (When will people stop putting houses below sea level right on the coast, with just a dinky little dike to keep the ocean out??? Apparently it's the State's fault that people lost their homes, and I do feel for them, but really, it's dumb.)
The wind did die down enough to make a short walk around the edge of town enjoyable. I hadn't been walking around here for more than a year, though I used to go all the time when I lived right next door.

Things are changing on the south-west side of town. Lots of apartments going up, maybe some businesses. One of the prettier parts of the walk has been ruined by this 'development'. Now there's only a quarter mile or so where you don't have something man-made on one side or the other.

If you're careful, you can get a view with no buildings.
I like this one old farm on the route, mostly fallen into ruin now.
The collection of barrels seems new, though.

The crows were flocking back to their crow condominiums, getting the nests back in shape for a new crop of crowlets.

There were actually four birds in this scene! But they were camera-shy.
That was pretty much it for last weekend. If it's at all nice this weekend, I hope to get out on a different trail, and get a lot farther from the city.


Tabor said...

I wish that our crows were shy!

Argent said...

Looks like a nice walk. I must do one near me so that people can enjoy the wonders of post-industrial-city-turned-into-soulless-business-parks. Maybe not.