Monday, March 8, 2010

Poetry Train 2

Here's a second ride on TFE's Poetry Bus.
Heavy Freight

Across the desert

something is moving

At first it looked like a dark line

against the far hills

a geological feature in this country of fractures and upended layers.


From 30,000 feet you can look

down and see the roads

the towns

and the long straight scars

across the earth


Something's moving along one of those

A thin mile long

it flows down the canyon

and out across the flat wastes


Car after car after car

It carries steel

and coal

and goods

across the empty miles to Los Angeles.



Niamh B said...

I like "a thin mile long" - it's a lonely kind of a poem. nice one.

Argent said...

This really gets the essence of those long long trains wending their way across a huge country. Liked "car after car after car"