Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Photo Shoot Out: Bridges

There aren't many bridges in my town of Aubière. You've seen how tiny our little stream is, and the freeway overpasses are just boring.
But lucky for the Shootout I was in Paris this past weekend, and man, do they have bridges!
This is one of the oldest ones across the Seine, massive and grey.
This one connects the Rive Gauche to the Isle de la Cité.
What I love about this shot is there's a Monsieur Chat in it, though you really have to know to look for it! For the Monsieur Chat story and closer photos, click here.
The architectural details on the older bridges are wonderful. Every one of these faces is different, and there must be a hundred of them in all.
One of the pedestrian bridges taking you right to the Louvre.
It's a tradition for lovers to attach a padlock to the fence.
There are hundreds of locks now, all different shapes and colors.
From some bridges you can see several others.
In fact, there's probably not a bridge in the city limits from which you can't see the next one or even several.
Here a bridge peeks between the vendors of old books and cheap trinkets that line the quays from the Tuileries Gardens down past Notre Dame Cathedral.
One of the modern pedestrian bridges.
I love the shape of it.
Bridges can be interesting from underneath, too.
The Alexandre III bridge connecting the Petit Palais to the huge open field in front of Invalides where Napoleon's tomb lies is the most ornate bridge in Paris.
Some details

I like looking at statues from underneath sometimes.

Yet another walking bridge.
Not many of the metro lines cross the river. They tend to follow it, so it's nice that you can just walk across instead of having to mess with changing metro trains just to go one stop.
And the metro line 6 gets a bridge.
I like to suggest riding this line, in spite of the occassional scuzziness of the metro, because when I turn around here, there's this view:
Well, from a slightly different angle.
The sun started to set, and I still hadn't gotten around to all the bridges over the Seine in Paris, let alone bridges over anything else!

That's it for this time!

I'll post some black & whites on another occassion. Someday when I have the time and the software to play around with it.

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Kerry said...

You hit the jackpot there in Paris: one bridge after another, and all of them beautiful & interesting. I found M. Chat, but it took me a few secs and (and enlarging the photo twice)!

Sarah said...

Oh oh oh oh WOWOW!!! How wonderful to just be able to pop over to Paris!! Your shoot out is amazing..I loved every shot!! Wow!!

Heather T. said...

Oh my, such fancy bridges, indeed. Very nice shoot out photos :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I enjoyed that. Beautiful for I will never be able to go to Paris. Too old to be able to manage a trip like that. Thanks so much for sharing the amazing tour. Blessings

Barry said...

Not fair! I get the bridges of West Hill to photograph and you get the Bridges of Paris!!!!!

And they are stunning! Magnificent. Or should I say magnifique, extraordinaire et sensationnel!

tattytiara said...

Wow, they're all so beautiful. I wonder how that padlock tradition got started?

shabby girl said...

Every single photo is beautiful!!! Really, the older European architecture just can't be matched (or doesn't seem to be). Really excellent!
You must be having a blast over there! Oh, I mean, working hard!

Pauline said...

I'm speechless! So many fabulous bridges. And you caught some terrific angles! Love the lovers' padlocks!

Ann said...

which lock is yours?

Do the authorities come and remove the locks after a while when there are too many locks?

You have so many bridges. I have always want to go to the PA LEI IRON TOWER,(metal tower of Paris) as I know it when I was 4 years old. Dad went to England as a student and visited Effel tower, and gave all the relatives a small souvenir.

Chef E said...

Gorgeous Nanu! Simply gorgeous!

I cannot get the lover locks and sidewalk art out of my head- one day you will see me with a table selling my poetry :)

Totalfeckineejit said...

Thanks for the tour, I enjoyed it and I spotted Mr Cat too!

Rebecca said...

Oh, we are lucky you were in Paris. Thanks for sharing these photos. The bridges are amazing, each in their own way.

I couldn't help but wonder, if a relationship ends...do the remove the lock!?

Jama said...

You got some stunning bridges! the bridges and those buildings really blend in beautifully.

marc aurel said...

I grew up in Paris. I took the bridges for granted, except during the high water flooding of, was it '54 or '55? Anyway, there was this winged victory statue on one particular bridge, and we schoolboys took great delight in watching the water rise up and over her breasts. Your lovely pictures bring back many happy memories.
We will revisit Paris in June.