Wednesday, March 10, 2010

hooray for 5:45

there's nothing worse than tooth pain.
it makes you hate everything.
Yesterday I was still avoiding eating on the left side because of some temporary work there, and bit too hard on a not-great tooth on the right. At first that pain was small and localized. Now it's big and it's got the trigeminal nerve involved and nearby lymph nodes have swelled remarkably in a matter of hours. It's the all-encompassing fact of my life today.
Two Advil (nothing else in the house) beat it down to managable, but two hours later I need more. Take one every 4 - 6 hours? are you mad? Not more than 6 a day? I'm at 7 and it's not even time to knock off work. Plus the pair at 3am, so that's 9. Not that I'm getting any work done. Just marking time before my dental appointment at 5:45. I will be early.
Just thought I would share. Tooth pain is not something to go through alone.


Barry said...

I hate tooth aches! I hate them. What a terrible thing for you to be going through.

Niamh B said...

aw, poor NanU - get well soon

Tabor said...


Argent said...

There is nothing quite like tooth pain - it's in a class of its own. Worse than treading on an upturned electrical plug in your bare feet in the dark. Worse than stubbing your toe. I sympathise. Hope the dentist can do something for you. Love the header by the way.