Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Photo Shootout

Friday already? I've been so busy this week I never even posted last weekend's trip to Neussargues. I'll try to get to that this evening, before I leave on yet another weekend of adventure (to Paris, yeah like we haven't seen that before. But if the weather cooperates I hope to do a special series of something quite cool, so do stop by on Tuesday or Wednesday for that).
Well, between the weather and work and being sick part of the week, it's been difficult to find much in my town that is my favorite color: RED. The flowers aren't out yet, aside from a few snowdrops and daffodils, and they aren't red.
One red thing in my town is this rug I bought in Marrakech a couple of years ago. (Here decorated with my cat Sienne.) It's very thick and soft, and I really like that it's not one solid red, but changes shades randomly as the rugmaker changed dye-lots of yarn.
Sienne is playing with her favorite thing: The Shoelaces.

Not impressed with the offer of shoelaces, Bandersnatch just wanted us to finish our little photoshoot and go away.

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Ann said...

I had my colors done, the therapist said dark red and dark blue and dark green are my colours. I am a winter person, so I wear them most of the time. After she told me, I like these colors.

Have you had your colors done?

Bagman and Butler said...

What a richly colored rug! Lucky cats. And shoelaces too! A cat's life can't get better than that!

Jama said...

Rich and beautiful color! I'm game for all colors except maybe black and white.

steven said...

nanu i love when cats close their eyes to judgemental slits like bandersnatch has done here!! steven

GingerV said...

Yes RED cars and RED dinning rooms - your carpet is wonderful. I would put it in my house but Camillo wouldn't - I would paint every room a different color - camillo likes white ... this is a very big difference in comfort zones.

Argent said...

That rug looks luxurious, no wonder Sienne is onjoying it. I love Bandersnatch's grumpy look. My cats know that expression very well when it suits them.

Chef E said...

You know I spend at least ten minutes playing with your virtual cat, now if I could have one like that, only bigger with no allergies attached I would be happy!

My colors are autumn, back when 'Color Me Beautiful' book and stuff in the 80's were popular. I was a model in Dallas for that colorist and writer...

My mom's rug and kitchen were avocado green...yes, she really liked green!

I always wanted a room painted red!

Manang Kim said...

I love Sienne so cute!! Happy weekend!

Favorite color: Yellow

Barry said...

Obviously Sienne has good taste in backgrounds for glamour shots.

Your carpet looks very soft and comfortable, but then cats seem to have a way to make just about anythings look comfortable.

Doreen said...

I really like the first shot. your cat is being very watchful. eyes wide open!! great rug!!

Rebecca said...

What a beautiful rich red rug! Looks great with a black cat on it!