Friday, February 11, 2011

100 words: Mainland

Yesterday's post was awfully technical, so here's a 100-word counterweight (am still working on "pie" - how to keep it to just 100).
If I were to go back to the mainland, my own that is, the motherland, I’d be stuck. I have yet again utterly forgotten to renew my driver’s license.
You need one there. No going without in favor of walking or the click and jiggle of the rails. But here I barely notice. A few minutes on the bus, a welcome and calming stroll, and the month is gone. The year is gone.
My friends think it must be such a terrible hardship, a constraint on my life. Not at all, here far from my mainland. I let it go.


the watercats said...

I could never be a scientist, i don't have the focus, dedication and patience needed, nor the brain power! I love the juxtaposition of these two posts. One, such an achingly complex window into your working life and this one, so gorgeously simplistic and zen...

Bagman and Butler said...

When I read that the post before this was awfully technical, I had to go read it.