Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday walk

I went for a new walk on Sunday. I won't say hike; it was just a stroll around the hill that's between my house and the really big hill where local hero Vercingetorix got the best of Ceasar and the Romans.
It's crisscrossed with trails and the odd bit of fencing that shows somebody's rights to this or that bit. Sheep droppings everywhere.
Happy to know I wouldn't be shot by hunters. Probably. I did spy plenty of spent casings scattered around.The view from the far side.
Spring seems to be coming to the far side of the hill, too. Surprising, since it's just a bit colder up a hundred meters.
There was plenty to see in the way of abandoned stuff. This shed seems to be useful still.
These tires and assorted groups of their bretheren were very slowly merging with the ground. I am fascinated by old junk and can fill my memory card with photos of it. An old mattress, boots, a car seat, junk you wonder what it was... but it got to be kind of depressing. Like this hill is more a diffuse junkyard than anything else. There were a dozen small vineyards gone to ruin (I'll go back for those in a month or two, to see what's still growing), patches of refuse, and ruts from the roaming motorbikes all over. Not much else.
At the beginning of the walk I reflected on what a neighbor said about digging in his yard. He's found several artifacts from the age of Vercingetorix (that would be 2000 years or so), and even the burial site of a chieftan - now housed in the Museum downtown. Wherever you turn it's history under the ground. That junk I'm seeing scattered around, in a thousand years will be archeological treasures!
Oh, here's another tree thinks it's spring.

I wish it were true!


The Bug said...

Is that a dogwood tree? Do you have dogwoods there? Hmm - I might have to google this!

Looks like a lovely ramble, junk and all.

Bridget Callahan said...

I know! The junk is so addicting!

NanU said...

I think they're both cherries, Bug. You do sometimes see dogwoods, though.
Too true, Bridget!

Kat Mortensen said...

Fab photos, NanU. I thought that was a snake in the grass!


Johnny Nutcase said...

love the blooms-Great post!

The Vegetable Assassin said...

I'm loving those photos! And I too am fascinated by old junk you find lying around. And taking photos. Your countryside around there looks gorgeous. It's so cold here right now I've forgotten what the country looks like. :)