Friday, February 25, 2011

The Doctor is on!

Doctor who?
Not House, certainly. Blue-eyed blech.
Doctor who, then?
Yes indeed! The good, changing Doctor from Gallifrey.
I was a big Doctor Who fan in high school and college. K9! My own K9 unit, that would have been great. I knew a guy who made one out of cardboard and rollerskates. Another friend learned to knit just to make a Tom Baker scarf. He kept going until it was 15 feet long and I taught him finally to cast off. We were a Doctor Who gang: with reruns daily, I think we knew every line of dialog and every continuity error in the Tom Baker-Peter Davison era.
The guy that came after Davison we didn’t like so well, and I graduated anyway and had less time to watch tv. Plus I moved to places where the scheduling just wasn’t convenient, and from there to no scheduling at all.
Just a month ago the new series came to a channel I don’t have to pay extra for, and a time slot I don’t have to record.
Who are these people? Season five already!
Matt Smith? Karen Gillan?
Daleks in happy colors! How can Daleks have happy colors??? It just isn’t right!
And what have they done to the Tardis control room? What is all that stuff? The coatrack is still there. Faithful old coatrack. And the cheesy special effects and ordinary locations. I love it they haven’t gone big-budget like American shows, but have stuck with glue & spraypaint and a bit of quick carpentry.
I must get one of these!


jabblog said...

I fancy a robotic dog:-) I don't know why - I've got three real ones . . .

The Vegetable Assassin said...

We had an old paraffin heater that looked (not at all) like a Dalek - at least it did when I was three. I refused to sleep with it in the room as it terrified the living crap out of me, sitting there all silent waiting to exterminate me when the lights went out.

K9 though is cute. And smart. And non exterminatey.

Titus said...

I love Dr Who. I just love it. Wanna be in your gang.

steven said...

nancy i was a kid when i saw the first series. i was terrified of the daleks until i got a toy one for christmas. it had a little gun turret that moved up and down when you pushed it forwards and backwards. i wish i had it now 'cause i'd fire it over to titus! steven