Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A borrowed cat

And now for the Cat of the Month!
yes yes
I thought, my dear friends, there would be no cat of the month. Fresh out of fresh cats.
I've got old cats. But that would be reruns.
But wait, my friends Letitia and Bruno are coming for the film festival this weekend, and they have a cat.
Kikou is a miniscule Burmese.
I mean tiny! A six-pound wonder at most. But fierce. She'll claw you as soon as look at you, and don't be looking at her crosswise.

There she is! Beware.


steven said...

it's like an action shot from the next great action flick!! steven

shabby girl said...

Oh! She is NOT amused! Ha!

jabblog said...

Lovely little chocolate Burmese! I'm surprised she's snippy,though. Usually, they're such affectionate cats and love to travel on shoulders.

Titus said...

Great colour cat! Brave Maurice.

NanU said...

Oh, she's perfectly affectionate with her own people, Jab. It's visitors she keeps on a short leash.

Bagman and Butler said...

The pink bunny, as usual, nonchalant about everything.

the watercats said...

attitude on a tiny stick!... and I think I might be experiencing blanket lust.. (that is a gorgeous looking blanket she is sitting on)