Saturday, February 19, 2011

100 words: Pie

You won’t find proper pie here. Cakes, donuts, flaky pastries filled with cream, check.
I have to say, the Americans have something to teach the French in the kitchen, and one of them is


Not those prissy thin tarts they serve: deepdish pie.
They’ve got crust alright; what’s the problem with filling it up? Lest I not be fair - they do. With chicken and mushrooms and ham and potatos and that sort of thing stuck together with eggs.
No, I want it filled up with sweets, with spiced apples and sweet peaches and clever wild blueberries.
Real Pie!


steven said...

nancy - i love food - all food except brussel sprouts. pastries are proof that the world loves us and wishes us to be happy! pies that are stuffed with anything are further proof! steven

Titus said...

I've gotta say bleuch! I like the savoury ones better. Steak and Kidney tops the lot! But then, it's got a top on. Does that count?

NanU said...

Tops are allowed, though not obligatory. I'm going to stay far away from kidneys on my plate - even my cat knows better than to eat them.

The Bug said...

Oh apple pie, or pecan pie, or pumpkin pie, or even chocolate silk pie - oh man I want pie now! But those savory ones sound good too. Can we have a buffet & try a little of each? :)

FreeFlying said...

Well, how great is that! After all this time thinking all we did was rip off every other culture's food... I finally discover that we've blessed the world with pie. Sweet!