Sunday, February 27, 2011

And they're off!

Here it is, the First Blossom of Spring.
An apricot!
The tree is just covered with buds, and next weekend will be robed in white flowers. We'll have to get very, very lucky, however, for these all to become fruit. Never a month of March without a nice hard freeze or several, and perhaps another inch of snow.
The apples, wiser, are not even thinking of opening up yet.


jabblog said...

They are delightful to see. Our trees are nowhere near blooming yet.

steven said...

a gift for the eyes and the heart nancy! steven

GingerV said...

I would give amything - short of the life of my first born - to see spring in France. do you need a live-in housekeeper for two weeks?

NanU said...

Why, yes, Ginger! The house is a mess, and the gardening shed is full of old leaves, and the cellar needs cleaning out. C'mon over!

shabby girl said...

I saw ONE tree yesterday with pink buds here in TX. Soon!