Saturday, August 7, 2010


My cat Natalie is pretty nonchalant about catfoodtime in the evenings. I've been seeing why this week, as I've been out in the garden gathering plums or raking the lawn. Every single day this week I've seen her catch a mouse.
Natalie can eat a good-sized mouse in about 40 seconds flat.
This afternoon, she chased one into the camilla bush by the apricot tree, where it was able to hide in the unmown patch of grass. Sienne was there watching the excitement, but not doing anything. Natalie kept at it, not being a cat to let a mouse get away, and it ran for a larger patch of long weeds. Sienne just happened to be in the way, and happily snapped up the prize.
I am certain that Natalie is extremely possessive of mice that she has caught, but she didn't appear to begrudge Sienne this one. Sienne was the one to actually catch it, after all. There are other mice in the yard.
That's Sienne relaxing, while Natalie searches for catsnax.


steven said...

what's in that bottle lurking under the comfy couch? clearly the cats are guarding that as well as looking for mice. well trained cats those. steven

Argent said...

Our two have never caught a mouse to my knowledge. One of them did manage to hunt down and kill a discarded burger once and the moths around here had better watch our for the other one.

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

I love the term "catsnax". Very cute kitties you have there. I came over from Barry's last blog. Sure do miss him.