Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Late for my own damned bus

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So Sunday I made this poem, see, with all those verification words, just like I promised.
And then Monday I took the paper with the poem, and the entire list of words, and put it in my pocket.
And the paper fell out of my pocket and I got to work and didn't have any poem at all. So in the evening I sat, and pondered, and had a glass of wine, and came up with another poem. A shadow of its former self, but the ghost of the first one kept hanging around and it was hard to jump the track and go somewhere else entirely.

This morning with my new poem securely in a different pocket I walked to the bus stop, and what did I see on my way but a sad, damp, sheet of paper, folded in quarters, covered with sand and grit, ink runny from spending a day in the rain. My poem! Waiting for me! Here it is.

The Philopoper
Oh, Grand Master
What is the way
how shall I live
what does life mean?
Piverken your unses, my son
life is alikete, and sarsit
we are all fofarins.
I hear you, Grand Master
and yet I wonder
I hesitate
will you tell me the way?
Relanter, it is Turreday
pause for the vingnom ingsoa
amunses mislead
beware the goolach.
Your words enter my ears, Grand Master
I am pink with admiration
and humility
you are so wise, so learned
Spinge always!
Make it your byword.
Yes, Grand Master
er, yes, I will spinge as best I can
I will take my leave now, to ponder this news.




Rachel Fox said...

Ah, the wisdom...or should that be the widsom?

Tabor said...

I especially like the thinking rabbit that follows this poem. They are perfect together! "ropperet"

Dave King said...

Or maybe enlistament? Whatever, it's a great and clever bit of versification.

Niamh B said...

Prycith indeed. Better late than never, great driving NanU, enjoyed the trip!

Martin H. said...

Well worth the wait. Great post and image.

Argent said...

"we are all fofarins" - this is true, I've never felt so fofarin as I do today! Great zen wisdom here, feeling a little ovessis now.

Padhraig Nolan said...

Spinge! ( This week i will mostly be spinging ).

Erratic Thoughts said...

The Genious speaks...
Gosh!This is simply great nanU...
I can relate to the chap's dilemma,been there many times :D
"Pink with admiration" was first for me!

steven said...

i so sensed pink rabbit behind this!!! steven

the watercats said...

Love this and sounds strngely correct and convincing and I absolutely LOVE that photo!.. thanks for a great bus trip :-D

Helen said...

Spinge be with you ..........

Titus said...

Wit and wisdom; and a pink bunny, plus a Rabbit Mage, thrown in.
How could one ask for more?

Although I should like to know just how to piverken my unses.

I am so glad this made its way back to you, and once again congrats on a great prompt.