Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Stuff and Nonsense.

I haven't been following the Kagan confirmation hearings at all, but this afternoon I'm in that adrenalin-deprived zone that comes after sending a finished (to my mind - I can't find a thing to change) manuscript to my boss for criticism. This lull before plunging into the next project means that I'm reading the NYTimes headlines for the first time all summer.

Let me get this straight.
In criticising Kagan's respect for laws and opinions abroad...

"...Senator Jon Kyl, a Republican of Arizona, summed it up: “I’m troubled by it,” not because foreign law would create a United States precedent, but “because it suggests that you could turn to foreign law to get good ideas.” ..."

Hmm. Countries other than the United States might come up with good ideas?
How dare it be suggested!
Don't foreign countries know that they're only allowed to exist on this planet by the sufferance of the US of A? Don't they know their place?
And isn't it obvious that no true American should ever countenance looking out of the box to see what's on over the fence?
I guess the wall isn't high enough yet. Build it higher and thicker, countrymen! The rest of the world is still audible!

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