Monday, August 16, 2010

Poetry Bus to Fantasyland

This week's Poetry Bus topic was chosen by Enchanted Oak, and apparently I was completely distracted because I got the theme utterly wrong. Our mission was to write something based on one or both of the old photographs she posted. Somehow I thought the mission was to revisit a childhood story. No idea where that came from. I seem to be standing at a bus station with a ticket for a ferry.
click on the picture to follow the wormhole to the story. (Not even a poem! Did somebody put something in my lunch?)


Rachel Fox said...

The childhood story thing was my fault...TFE and I had thought Chris might not manage a prompt but then she did. The childhood story thing is going to be the last week in Sept.

NanU said...

Ahaaaaa. I knew I'd seen it somewhere, connected to the Bus. I don't regularly link to Enchanted Oak, so I didn't see the other prompt before this morning.

Titus said...

Happy, Happy, Happy. That's all three of us, by the way. We wanna get on the ferry with you!
God, I've missed those dinosaurs.
Brilliant. Scary. Nefarious.
So glad you got it wrong, and it came out so right. Teak. Teak!

Dave King said...

I followed the wormhole. If ever you find out that someone did put something in your lunch, please let me know what it was and where I can get it.