Monday, December 6, 2010

get it while it's cold

Just a few shots in the back yard from last week's snow. We didn't get quite enough to shut the town down for a day off, or even properly cover the yard. I was lucky there was some left Saturday. It's gone now.
Where the melt drips off the eaves.
Queen Anne's lace nice & frosty.

And a very late apple.


steven said...

brrrrrr! the queen anne's lace is lovely. like a clenched mitten. steven

shabby girl said...

Nice shots. I love the snow, but hate to be cold. I particularly like the apple pic.

NanU said...

That's just the way I feel, S-girl! Love the soft white, hate the cold.

Titus said...

Fabulous shot of the lace and the apple! And that blue!

Rachel Fox said...

There was a whole orchard of old apples in the nearly empty hospital grounds near here. I saw them a while back and thought 'what a shame... in times gone by people would have eaten those not just left them'. And then the snow came and the hungry birds had what I can only describe as a cider/apple festival in the old orchard. I walked through one day while they were at it - it was positively bacchanalian.

Ann said...

I remember my first winter, I was 20, and I came to Canada. I was so excited.