Thursday, December 9, 2010

The presents!!

Has it been a week already?
What? More than a week?
I'd better get on the ball, then, if I'm going to get (two of) these out in Saturday's mail. I have just printed out the list of our seven participants. Cut it up. Folded up the bits. Picked three.

The winners of the Fabulous Present Giveaway are.....
... and...
I was thinking of assigning the gifts randomly, but we all know how Titus feels about small windup toys. And then there's a warm scarf in dark green wool & alpaca that's shaping up very nicely, but Mark lives in the land of No Wooly Scarves Necessary, so that may be better with our friend steven of the Frozen North. Send me your snail mail addresses by email, and happiness is on it's way!


Annah said...

Congratulations to all the winners!

And that cat in your banner is the man! :) I have a black cat named Wompa, and God he's a fat little thingie but I love him so much.

Titus said...

Oooh! I feel all Gwyneth Paltrow. Except not so thin or stupid.

Thank you from all of us here. Sniff. And my mother.

steven said...

wha!!!!! quoi?! i won a competition. here i am just fighting for survival on the roads and in the wintry blasts and i could win a scarf?!! oh man i am so jazzed. so very jazzed!! wooooohooooo!!!! i'll send you my address in the secret e-mail. thanks a bazillion. steven

steven said...

steven leak
golden fish world headquarters
1918 mapleridge drive
peterborough, ontario
k9k 2e4

NanU said...

Noted, steven! the scarf is only 8 inches long so far. Not really a useful length. More of a potholder size. But I'm working on it.

Why are black cats so often so fat?
Actually, my sweet little Bandersnatch is not too fat at just 10 pounds. She's fluffy!

16045 small windup toys overtaking Gwyneth Paltrow and swarming over her in a horror-flick scene...

Bagman and Butler said...

JAM! JAM!! JAM!!! Thank you! My tongue is salivating! Well, actually my salivary glands are salivating and my tongue is just moving around restlessly.