Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Weaver's Star Poetry Bus

Wait for me! Wait for me!
Sorry I'm late this week for the bus. The Weaver of Grass suggested Star, take it as you will. So here we are:

It was shining in the north
didn't look so far away
looked as if you could touch it
if your finger were just a bit longer.
Let's go there, she said,
We'll see it up close
See what it really is.
So they went
across the fields and beyond the river, up the mountainside
They went through villages and cities and saw things they'd never seen before
They went through place where the language was strange
and the food indescribable
They saw new friends and old relatives,
were waylaid, made progress
they went on and on, as the seasons turned around them
forever on, crossing oceans, growing old.
They journeyed until they were as close as they could get
Leap high and catch it!
But it was just as far away
as always.
Catch the bus here!


izzy said...

I enjoyed this- twas and is a journey-
as much the process, they tell me; as the destination! Thanks for posting-

shabby girl said...

Very nice! I really liked that it was a journey, a lifetime.

Argent said...

Aw, the star was still just as far away. I feel saddened but I guess there should always be something to reach for. I liked the description of the journey, though.

Totalfeckineejit said...

Great story, magically well told!