Monday, December 13, 2010

this & that

The jam collection. It was a tough pick which one we can do without, but finally it was decided:
This one is off to South Carolina. The jam; not the wind-ups. They're off to Scotland.

And the cat tree, strategically placed in front of the radiator, is at last fully occupied. In about the right order!


jabblog said...

Delicious jams! and the cats look most contented.

steven said...

jam! take 'em all!!! so the cats now have their own levels as well! how cool is that! steven

Doreen said...

love the cat shot. they are good company and very entertaining at times. I keep thinking about getting another one, but my cat does not take at all to new cats. any advice for introducing cats?

NanU said...

Hello Doreen!
Two cats are better than one, definitely. My amateur's advice on adding cats:
- The best thing is to get a second before the first is too old, but often there's not much to be done about that.
- If you have a male, get a female. If you have a female, either sex will do for the newbie.
- Be sure they have plenty of space, and that they can get really away from each other if necessary. Separate food areas and litterboxes help ease the tension until they get used to each other.
- Be patient. For my cats it usually didn't take more than a week or two for things to normalize; but then it never did work out with adding Lexington (an adult male accustomed to being an only cat).
Good luck! They are better having cat company.

Titus said...

Resurrection! It's just like Easter. At Christmas.
We are very excited here in Scotland.

Bagman and Butler said...

I'm like a kid again! Waiting for Christmas!!!! Lucky me!!!

FreeFlying said...

Lol! The cat tree is AMAZING!