Tuesday, December 28, 2010

weekend walk

I had a cold over Christmas, and on the 25th didn't budge from the house. Never quit my bathrobe - just went from nap to book to dvd. With a few trips to the kitchen.
Sunday was better. We had half an inch of snow in the yard on Saturday, and I hoped there was rather more up on the nearby hills. It was a bright day and very cold, but I bundled up with extra socks, and tights under my jeans, and many layers under my parka. Hat, mittens, extra handkerchiefs, the whole nine yards. Last year I picked up some of those glove-mitten things, where the mitten over the fingertips is a big flap you can pin back, revealing gloves that don't cover the last finger joint. Perfect for maneuvering a camera without taking off the handwarmers. They made a new trailhead that leads up the Gergovia plateau, and it passes through this huge yard full of odd metal sculpture.

Plenty of mistletoe overhead.

Icicles on the windmill.

Critters had been all over this road. Half a mile down, I discovered why none of the many human traces went that way - it was a dead end at one of the groundwater monitoring sites.

Not much snow on the surrounding hills at all.

Cows have been moved into their barns.

Have a good week!


steven said...

nanu thanks for the look-see around your neighbourhood. i love the view over the hills. my heart goes an extra pitter pat for hills. steven

Eryl said...

What a sky, and I love the yard with the metal sculpture, there's something apocalyptic about it.