Friday, December 10, 2010

The penultimate Cat of the Month: Sienne.

Sienne is small and skinny. Maybe it’s just the marks on her face, but she looks scowly all the time. And she’s got this whiny complaining meow. Just how some cats are.
The other cats are classic feline layabouts whenever they’re inside, but Sienne likes to play. And play, and play. There’s a whole collection of things under the kitchen cupboard/table that I’m not really looking forward to finding again when I move some day. Anything at all that ends up on the floor there is great fun at night, until it ends up out of reach.
Then there’s the Shoelace. Hours of fun can be had chasing the Shoelace as it is dragged along the floor and over the armchair (where Bandersnatch is trying to sit with some dignity).
Sienne is afraid of people, except for my brother. For four years now I’ve had the same guy come feed the beasts while I’m away, and he has never once even caught a glimpse of her.
Sienne does not go out. Well, she will go out if I’m out in the yard. But she doesn’t go out when I leave for work, or overnight, like the others do. She’s a homebody cat. She likes to be on things. On the towels, on the desk, on the tall armoire, on whatever there is to be on.


steven said...

those eyes!!!! steven

Bagman and Butler said...

Yes, it is amazing that cats can create such an affective whine with their meows. Our cat, Bill, will go into the middle of the house at 2:00 a.m. to whine loudly that everyone is asleep. He could put a wolf to shame. Yes -- those green eyes are penetrating!

Doreen said...

I think she is a cutie! I like to think my cat talks to me. I will say something and then she does, then I do, then she does. yep, I live alone with my cat!! :-)

Titus said...

The first paragraph endeared even me, a non-cat person.

jabblog said...

She is such a sweet-looking cat. I like cats I can play and converse with.

FreeFlying said...

Ha! She looks like she's yelling at you in that last picture.

shabby girl said...

I really like that last picture! She's a beautiful little kitty.

Ann said...

Is there a bigger and aggressive cat outside that has frightened you cat?