Friday, January 20, 2012

at last

Where, oh where, have I been?
Stuck in my office, for the most part. Putting out fires and trying to get in enough regular work so that new ones don't start. It's been a rough year so far.
Taking a bit of time out from all that, I figured it's about time I posted that poem from the theme a while ago. You know (well, likely not), the New Year's Eve Poetry Thingy that the once&future TFE invited folks to, the Poem Written at 9:30 pm on New Year's Eve.
Yes, really. Here it is.
Well, no, not yet. As I write this I am becoming terribly annoyed. Since finally getting google chrome on this machine I can partake fully of the wonderful world of blogger, and it has added a spellcheck function.
Which SHOULD not be a concern. I am a good speller, and a reasonable typist.
In spite of my doing everything I can find to do to tell blogger that I BLOG IN ENGLISH, I can neither change languages nor shut the damned spellcheck off.
And you all know (at least those of you who blog too on blogger) how lame their "help" is. You eventually get to some forum where you sift through the thousands of comments to find someone with a similar problem, and...
Did I come here to complain?
How did it end up that way?
If I get quickly to the poem maybe I can get it all out before seeing too much red to continue.

21:30 31/12/11

So close to the end
the last few hours ticking impatiently away
I feel I ought to leap up and do something.
Something that would make this 
a Banner Year
a Notable Year
a Year for History
But it's all too late for that.
Better to spend these last hours in quiet relaxation
no point in catching up
let it go.
Open the champagne, and toast this day
& all the days
Here's to the idea of a fresh future
whatever the calender says.