Friday, September 25, 2015

must have been Wednesday afternoon

 The dolmen at Kerbourg

 and the other one, but it fell down. Aw!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Alignment near Carnac

The coast around Piriac

Since I was on vacation last week, I should have had lots of time to blog, right?
Well, I forgot the charger for my computer, and after less than 2 hours on BBO it gave up the ghost. Then I tried JP's computer, but the wifi even in the lobby was really slow. Took about 10 minutes just to load the photo of my fabulous espresso machine and I just don't have the patience for more than that. Fehgettaboutit.
So now I am back at work, and perhaps a modest number of photos will make their way into the internet. I will start halfway through the trip, because my memory card got injured and I had to get a new one and it's the new one I happen to have with me.
Or, I would like to.
The disk is in the adapter to plug it into the usb port, and the little green light is on to say Yes! Connected!
But then when I navigate to that port, it says to please insert a disk...
Ah, there we go.
It seems I took 233 photos in 3 days. I hope I got the horizon level in at least a few!

 Menhir with a view

I did it! A level horizon!

Monday, September 14, 2015

There it is!!!

Yes, yes, the picture.
We have yet to make coffee with it, though.
Gone for a week now. Back in time for France-Italy and maybe then we'll try some of the many & varied capsules that come with the beast.
The connection here is really slow, so no blogging until I get back.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A present

The Card Player (as he is often known on Facebook) likes his espresso. He likes it after lunch, or sometimes mid-morning, between breakfast tea when you realize you need a bit more than that before going out the door. He can down an espresso in a single gulp. They are not for sipping.
He does not like 'Jus de Chaussette', even though many of my American associates would find my filter-brewed coffee way too strong.
I like expresso, but I like coffee too. I like having a big hot mug to hold, and I like having this hot, thick beverage to sip over the course of several minutes. That sort of volume of espresso would be a problem.
So at his apartment there is an espresso maker, and it can make a medium-size mug of coffee if you oblige it to.
And at my house there's the filter machine, and that is it. Breakfast, I have coffee, he has tea (as usual), and then we just don't have a cup after lunch or dinner, unless we go out for it.
This situation, obviously, is unsatisfying.
So he has bought himself a present. I got to pick the color, via the screen of his computer and not in real life at all, so who knows if I will like it or not. Blue, I think. They do not yet come in zebra-stripes or poisonous frog spot designs.
Delivery today, and he will be terribly disappointed I'm sure, to discover that I have a reception-thingy for the League against Cancer at work, and will not be home until late-ish.