Sunday, January 17, 2016

Oh, my

I was going to blog, and then played bridge instead. And then I was thinking of blogging but had so much work to do. And then again I was going to blog, but then couldn't decide - post the keys to World Peace, or a cute cat photo?

The world today just seems too absurd to get any kind of angle on. D Trump may be awful, but wtf is with so many people seriously wanting to elect him or one of the other far-right characters to the highest office in the country? No, the USA is not for Christians only. No, the USA is not for white people only. No, it will not make the country strong to respond to enemies by trying to blast them off the planet (remember when the Shrub tried that? Did it make anything better?).

Dang, Sienne stopped her latest ball-of-fur pose, and has taken on a normal, not extra-cute, attitude toward the catfoodbowl.

And what is up with the comedy in Oregon? Why are we putting up with that? Alright, I guess a cracking response would give them more importance than they deserve. Better to treat them like confused children. But it's true that a group of blacks pulling such a stunt would result in immediate arrests, all resistors being shot. Or more likely shot first, arrested later...

Quick, the camera! Natalie is watching a bird out the window!

In fact, the gun situation is insane. The more violence there is, the more people are, incredibly, led to believe that they, too, need their very own lethal weapon. And of course they should be able to buy one like buying a candy bar. Just adds to the havoc. More Americans are being shot by toddlers than by terrorists.

Oh, look, a cat on my knitting.

So I don't know what there is to say.

We had a very nice audit of the lab last week. I do hope that people will start now to calm down and not get their knickers all in a twist next time. There will always be a next audit, and all we have to do to be ready for it is to keep up on doing things pretty much right all along. 

That is to say, the genetics arm of the lab just has to keep on with the good work. For our next audit, the pathology arm will also be audited, and that is a whole nother story.