Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Poetry Go-kart

The fabulous Mr. Eejit has fixed up a new vehicle for us:
Santa's Poetry Go-Kart Ride!
This is a preliminary effort while I get myself into the holiday spirit.

Emptied out

Everybody has gone.
They are gone into the shops to acquire that one last present
They are gone into the hills to slide on the snow
They are gone to their families on the other side of the rivers and the plains and the mountains
They are gone to their homes
Cozy in front of the fires and the twinkling lights

They are gone, their arms laden with gifts
Their trunks full of luggage and groceries
Their dogs on leashes yapping and jumping with excitement

They are gone from the lab, which is hollow and dark

And in an hour it will be my turn too.

Happy Holidays! Go on! Get outta here! Get out and celebrate!

Thank you Eejit, and we all hope the bus will be making the rounds soon, after a good rest and a nice mulled wine.


Niamh B said...

YAY - HOLIDAYS - love the lab being hollow and dark - the excitement is palpable in this, great stuff...

Liz said...

Hey NanU,
Excellent sense of abandon of all things daily to take part in the festivities...great countdown feel...yessiree! ; )

P.S. adore the flor de pascua against the blue sky. ; )

rallentanda said...

Well I'm glad they let you out of that dark hollow lab.It doesn't sound very French.Thought it would be stocked with champagne, canapes and patisserie.Joyeux noel!

Kat Mortensen said...

You've really caught that feeling of release and freedom—the getting away, if only for a spell.

HOpe your holidays are all you wish for.

Thanks for your visit!


Sandra Leigh said...

Awww. Very quietly, now - pack everything up and leave. Lock the door behind you. Nobody will notice - they're all busy celebrating, and you should be doing the same. All work and no play, and all that! Happy Christmas to you.

Totalfeckineejit said...

Tis a lovely feeling n'est ce pas?
Real Christmassy holiday poem, tanks fer getting aboard, hold tight now and have a mince pie!Here we go now,
Merry Christmaaaaaaasss!

Titus said...

Loving this! I like the repetitons of the "They are gone.." and then the glorious "And in an hour it will be my turn too."

Holidays! Never enough, and the excitement of an impending one is so well captured here.

Merry Christmas!

Argent said...

Loved this - the repetition of the "they are gone". Sadly, I'm not gone and the swines have left me a pile of work to do - on Christmas Eve and all! Oh well, Merry Christmas!!!!!

Gordon said...

Great photos, plus terrific commentary. Have a terrific new year.