Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday poem

I'm not terribly happy with this week's bus ticket, though it does have the right number of lines and that counts for something somewhere. Started off with a neat idea, but the writing never gelled as it usually does between weekend errands. The weekend is up! Time ante up or pass. Catch the Bus here!

Family Photo
On his way to join the circus
Passing through, stopped for biscuits
Truant of the village, old Jim
Out raiding rubbish, caught again
Directing the house justly a princess
Little Clara, future prime ministress
Fighter pilot, police chief, astronaut
Shopkeeper not on the list yet, but...
Sardines, soft cushions, saucers of milk
Being petted by children is not too much work
New house new school new parents again
Life is all change for the orphan
Baths schoolbooks dinners and laundry
She loves them all, especially on Sunday.


Totalfeckineejit said...

You are too hard on yourself NanU!Sometimes poems just go somewhere for themselves instead of where you thought they ought to be. I really like this, I think it's one of your best, I really love the last line that pulls the whole thing together beautifuly. Brava!!

Jinksy said...

Sundays often give life a different glow...

The Bug said...

I like this vignette of what these folks are thinking on a Sunday - I always wanted to be a librarian, myself. :)

Louise said...

Sunday was such a big day, you have captured past days well.

Peter Goulding said...

Agree with TFE, Nanu. This is delightfully quirky, from the mention of the circus to the future prime ministress. I think it gels really well.

Unknown said...

You left me wanting to know more about each character.

Titus said...

Oh, that's a lovely take. I never gave the cat a second glance before.