Monday, January 31, 2011

The Bus Depot

An idea:
If the Poetry Bus blog were open to all of us as authors, we could put the weekly theme up there and the list of participants as they gather and post the schedule, and TFE wouldn't have to coordinate when he doesn't have time to coordinate. We wouldn't have to chase around to find a link to the new theme, or even just to discover if there is one - one central location for all your Poetry Bus needs.
What say you?


Dave King said...

Excellent idea. I have just gathered from Titus the whole of your prompt. For some reason I couldn't get your blog for a while. I thought I had gathered the prompt from other blogs, but only got half the story. The idea of building up over a period of time I completely missed out on. I shall try something of the sort some time. Thanks for the idea.

Titus said...

Could it not be the Poetry Bus Prompts site? Could anyone really savvy make it do the links itself?
Ooh, excited now.

NanU said...

Other groups use "Mr Linky" for each participant to add their link at their leisure. It's very easy to use; I just don't know how to set one up to begin with. ABC Wednesday uses a similar thing. If we just had multiple blog administrators it should be easy to manage.

Bagman and Butler said...

I say that I need to look in the poetry part of my brain and see if I can kick-start it back into life. I'll have to flag down the bus and jump on soon.

shabby girl said...

I'm watching.....