Friday, January 28, 2011

pass it on

Yea! here we go.
Titus the Dog got the idea from CraftyGreenPoet and then I jumped on, and I hope to pass the infection on to you.

Here it is: I promise to send something I make myself to the first 5 people who leave a comment on this post and who, in turn, promise to make the same offer on their blog. The rules are that you need to make the items personally and send them to your 5 folks within 2011.

Handmade things from me tend toward spreadable sweets and things made of yarn, but could include hairballs (I did feed the fluffy thing all year long), twisted paper clips, and, er, I have no idea. I don't suppose you'd be interested in rejected manuscripts.

So who's in?


jabblog said...

It's a lovely idea but sadly no-one would want anything I made quickly and other things take me YEARS! I am still working (I use the term loosely) on my 12-year-old grandson's birth date tapestry . . . and as for the Egyptian piece . . .
Good luck - it sounds fun :-)

Eryl said...

I nearly said 'yes' then remembered I'd already signed up with Titus. Crikey, I could end up vowing to make and send 50 things out, quite easily.

Titus said...

I'm not letting that hold back! Me! Me! I'm in!