Saturday, April 30, 2011

does this happen to you?

I have a terrible time remembering things I don’t understand.
A colleague of mine was explaining for the third time or so why we couldn’t have a person from the pathology team take a certain role in the new academic team. It made perfect sense at the time, as it had the time before. Well, it made half sense and the other half I just disagreed with.

But a few days later I had to explain to a different colleague, who hadn’t been to the meeting, why we couldn’t have the path person do what we thought would be great for them to do, and I just couldn’t. The whole argument was just gone from my head. It had disintegrated into a pile of mush, from which it was impossible to extract anything more than, ‘er, well, they said we just can’t.’ All of the pertinent bits were just gone. I’m completely unable to replicate an argument I’m not convinced of.
In this case, I hope I’m bright enough to remember not to put the question to my boss for the n-ieme time.
But it happens over and over again, and I find myself sometimes looking like an idiot for not getting it. And I’ve looked into other domains of my life, and it’s true - it’s incredibly hard to remember all the arguements if I don’t agree with them. They’re blocked from getting into my memory properly.

Guess I'm really not cut out to be a lawyer!


Niamh B said...

I'd be the same I imagine - definitely find it hard to remember or stay tuned to anything that doesn't interest me - even things that do interest me I forget pretty easily too.

shabby girl said...

You are not alone! Happens ALL THE TIME! It's scary kind of.
What has happened to my brain? Where did I leave it? Surely, it's waiting for me to come find it, right?

Unknown said...

happens to me all the time. I thought it was just me!! :-)

Argent said...

Me too!