Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Still growing

Remember this monster from last week?

Well, a new picture from the same angle (blogger, if you're going to turn one of the shots sideways, at least do the other one too. It's the very same thing, after all.). It's hard to say that it's bigger, though it is. Seriously bigger. It's just going up now. Past my knees. And you can see the individual leaves have gone from dinner-plate size to dinner-plate in a really puffed-up restaurant size. Next week you could put my largest cat on one of them and she wouldn't spill over.


steven said...

change the locks on the house doors, check the windows and plug up any open pipes on the outside of the house. count the cats when they go out and come in. especially think hard about leaving the pink rabbit anywhere near it! steven

Bagman and Butler said...

There was a great movie about a few years ago -- "Little Shop of Horrors -- maybe many years ago - about a plant that almost took over the world.